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The importance of Wedding Coordination in Ireland

What is the Function of a Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinators coordinate the day of the Wedding; simple as that.

The couple may have planned the Wedding themselves, but want a Wedding Co-ordinator there on the day it's self so the couple, the Wedding party, and family and friends don't have to worry about anything. A Wedding coordinator is there on the day to over see the event, to make sure every thing runs smoothly, and to have a contingency plan if needed.

Remember the Venue Coordinator is not a Wedding Coordinator.

The Venue coordinator is only responsible for what happens at the venue. They are not concerned with managing all the external service providers such as photographers, Video, Florist, band, DJ, ect. An external Wedding coordinator can also manage any issues that arise with the venue. I have encountered increased problems at venues post pandemic with a lot of experienced professionals having left the industry.

A lot of couples regret not having a Wedding Coordinator.

The recent Weddings online Survey concluded that one of the biggest regrets that a couple had was not engaging a Wedding Planner or Coordinator. I often speak to Married couples at Weddings and elsewhere who wish they had engaged a Wedding Coordinator to take the pressure not that just off the couple, but the Wedding Party, and family and friends.

Daragh the Ireland Wedding planner providing wedding on the day coordination.

Experienced Wedding Professional

No matter how well a wedding is planned things can and do go wrong on the day. Having an experienced Wedding professional there on the day to problem solve can take all the stress away.

The Cost of a Wedding Coordinator in Ireland

Bride's in Ireland can have an incorrect perception that Wedding Planning and Coordination services are unaffordable, which is not the case, and they actually worth their weight in gold when it comes to saving time and avoiding a lot of stress. My Wedding coordination service in Ireland stats from 1,000 Euro, and this will cover most types of Weddings. Home Weddings, Marquee Weddings and very large weddings the cost can increase. My Wedding coordination service will be worth its weight in gold in Ireland!

Why the Ireland Wedding Planner - Wedding Coordination service is different.

I take over the management of the Wedding four weeks before the Wedding. I will make contact with all the Wedding service providers and take over the management of same, and liaise with the couple from here. Im there from early on the morning of the Wedding and remain there until the final service provider the and DJ is up and running.

For further details on my Wedding coordination service click in the link below.

I’d be delighted to advise you where you will get the best service at the best price. Contact me on or if you are looking for more advice and tips to make your Wedding extra special, visit my Wedding Blog at

Daragh x


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