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''Your Wedding is all about YOU...the beautiful couple. MY job is to pull all the jigsaw puzzle pieces together for you, so the magic can happen.''


nat & con
Natalie & Conor's Testimonial

‘’ Daragh is an incredible Wedding Planner.


We traveled from Denver, CO and our family & friends traveled from FL, NV, and NC. We stayed in the estate for two nights. Daragh helped us coordinate transportation for all our guests from Dublin to county Meath, as well as the rehearsal dinner at the local pub.


We met with Daragh over the course of a year on zoom to plan out every detail. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day.


From the rehearsal dinner from the venue, to the reception, it was truly a dream. My guests were all impressed by the estate and the staff at Loughcrew.


We really appreciated how often Daragh checked in on us during the day.


The vendors he selected exceeded our expectations. Everyone was just so kind and helpful and the estate had everything we could possibly need. We are so grateful to you Daragh, thank you again for everything''!!!!

Daragh Doyle Wedding Planner
Kieran & David Testimonial

If you are looking for a wedding planner, go with Daragh Doyle. The success of our wedding owes a great deal to Daragh as he ensured we had the personalized wedding day and ceremony that we wanted.


Daragh ensured that we had no stress throughout the whole process, even when there were issues, including one at the last minute. Daragh dealt with everything and ensured that in the lead up to the wedding, and on the day itself, we were relaxed and stress free - other than the expected nerves before the ceremony, but even then he ensured we had some time and space for ourselves.


Over the course of 18 months, Daragh guided us through all stages of the planning process for what turned out to be the perfect wedding for us. His sound advice based on extensive experience made each stage of the planning process so easy for us. Daragh listened to what we wanted, and then gave us options to choose from - he understood that this was our wedding and we could have what we wanted, not what he or others expected. As we live in Australia, all of this was done via Zoom meetings and we had complete trust and confidence in Daragh’s advice. He was responsive to emails, and scheduled regular meetings to update us on progress and plan the next steps etc. Working with Daragh was always a positive experience.


If you are planning a wedding, we, without hesitation, recommend Daragh Doyle, Ireland Wedding Planner.


Kieran & David

Daniel & Mikayla Testimonial

Daragh is the best! We had him as our wedding planner.


My husband and I highly recommend working with him! Not only did he save our wedding, but he exceeded our expectations throughout the whole process and made our wedding better than we could have imagined! He was caring, professional, efficient, and trustworthy and took the time to know us on a personal level.


Daniel and I originally had a venue booked in Headford for our September wedding, but there were too many red flags- so we had a few months to re-plan our entire wedding. We reached out to a handful of wedding planners, but after speaking with Daragh we immediately knew he was a good fit and we wanted to work with him. When we told Daragh about our situation he not only didn’t shy away but eagerly welcomed the challenge and assured us that we would still be able to have our dream wedding. We scheduled calls every few weeks or communicated via email to touch base on planning. After a few weeks, he found us the perfect venue at Slieve Aughty Centre, and he did a site visit ASAP to make sure the venue would be a good fit for our needs/ease our anxiety.


Once we secured the venue, he worked with our vendors to make sure everything ran smoothly (photographer, hair, DJ, florist, etc.). The day before our wedding he met with us at the venue and we spoke with the venue coordinator to go over last-minute details and answer any questions we may have had. On the day of our wedding, he was there bright and early checking up on Daniel and me, making sure that we had everything we needed. Daniel and I flew over from Florida, so I had brought over a guest book and little things I wanted displayed for our guests- I gave them to Daragh and he assured me they would be taken care of. As the day went on Daragh was moving things along in the background without making us feel rushed to get ready or to be anywhere at a certain time – we were on a schedule, but it didn’t feel like it. His presence and good cheer kept us and our guests at ease.. I remember walking back from our ceremony and seeing our guest book displayed on the table so perfectly- it made me smile. After the ceremony, he continued to speak with our guests while guiding people where they should be and helping the transition from ceremony to cocktail hour, dinner, speeches, etc. Several challenges arose such as the groom's suit arriving late from the dry cleaners, pouring rain and flooding, and a cat crashing our ceremony, but Daragh was able to adapt and overcome those obstacles.


Without Daragh, we wouldn’t have been able to relax and fully experience our wedding day. He offered tips throughout the planning process and the day of our wedding to make sure we got time to step away and take in all that was happening around us. He wanted us to have our dream wedding and he surely did deliver! Plus, our guests adored him!


Daragh, thank you so much for all that you did! It was a pleasure working with you. I know you will help many other couples have their dream wedding in the years to come!


Mr. and Mrs. Nichols (Slieve Aughty, Galway - Sept 2023)

Georgia & Burachi Testimonial

From the moment we met Daragh we knew he was the perfect person to coordinate our wedding. He not only had all of the contacts and rigorous efficiency, but he also just totally ‘got it’.


A home wedding is a mega task but Daragh made every moment so enjoyable and made complete sense. He knew where to allow more time, where we would inevitably lose time, and how to keep the show on the road regardless!


If anything went awry on the day, we certainly didn’t know about it. And Daragh went above and beyond to give us the best day of our lives. If he wasn’t seen organising the next step of the day, then he busy was pouring drinks, turning on lights and showing people where they needed to go. We couldn’t have done it without him, and we wouldn’t have wanted to either!

We owe our incredible day to him. He gave us the freedom to enjoy and relish every second of it. So much love and appreciation for him - he’s one in a billion!!


Georgia & Burachi (Home Wedding, Stepaside, Dublin, July 2023)

NYC Wedding
Will & Crystal's Testimonial

''Our wedding ceremony took place at St. Oliver Plunkett's Church Ruins and the reception was at Loughcrew House Estate. We came from the USA, NYC specifically. Daragh was quick to respond, via email and setting up calls, which was important to us, especially being from NYC where we want things done yesterday. We already had a wedding vision in mind, but Daragh was extremely helpful and gave great advice when it came to the normal wedding details, of which we did not have much experience or knowledge. Our wedding was unconventional due to the time of the ceremony being later in the evening.


Daragh really went out of his way for us- picking us up from Dublin and driving us to see the wedding venue. We also had buses transporting people from Dublin and different hotels to the wedding venue. Daragh stayed until 3:00 am to make sure people found the right buses when he was scheduled to leave at 10:00 pm! He's easy going, so he didn't stress us out at all, but at the same time, he's in control of all of the various parts he's orchestrating. We couldn't have done it without him!"

**This particular wedding made such a splash in Ireland that Confetti Magazine picked up on it and ran a feature! Read about it here: CONFETTI MAGAZINE: DARAGH DOYLE WEDDING PLANNER

Stephen & EOIN's Testimonial

My partner and I had a fantastic wedding day and we both feel Daragh played a big part in making sure it went off without any issues. We first met Daragh in 2017 to initially plan our wedding and he provided great guidance and support during our early plans. Due to COVID we had to postpone the wedding twice but Daragh provided great insight and helped us move the day on both occasions seamlessly. We finally got married this Summer and Daragh helped execute the big day and was always present to make sure all the vendors knew what they had to do. We highly recommend Daragh to anyone looking for a wedding planner to help arrange everything but also to help make sure everything runs smoothly on the big day.


Stephen & Eoin - The Lyrath Kilkenny - August 2022

Elodie & Benoit's (Belgium) Testimonial

The best wedding planner in Ireland. Daragh is organizing everything you need.  Super réactive.  He immediately understood our expectations.  


He organized our wedding exactly as we wished even if he only had one month to do it.  


Locations, transport, ceremony, catering, photographs, music, planning …. Everything was at a high level. Even better as we expected.


If you need to plan your wedding don’t hesitate….  Daragh is the planner you need.


Thanks for everything Daragh.  You made our dreams come true.  

VAJAY & JENNIFER's (INDIA) Testimonial

Daragh planned every aspect of our Wedding and provided full on the day coordination. We had a very specific and somewhat limited budget. 


This was one of the reasons we decided to engage a Wedding planner even though it may appear illogical with a limited budget, Daragh’s expertise helped to keep us within budget. 


We had an amazing photo shoot in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. We got amazing feedback from our guests, many of whom had traveled from India. We can’t thank Dargh enough!



Jennifer & Vajay FROM INDIA  —--     The Anglers Rest Dublin July 2022


We had our Wedding at my Dad’s home place in Wicklow. At such a non traditional venue having a Planner & Co-ordinator is essential. You really need a planner and a Coordinator to pull it all together on the day and keep everything on schedule, and Daragh really did that. 


He also made some tremendous service provider recommendations particularly with the catering, which is such a vital part of a Home Wedding, and really important to have someone with experience. 


Keli & Shane - Home Wedding Wicklow June 2022 

KYLE & AOIFE'S Testimonial

Daragh is top class. He was the wedding coordinator on the day of the wedding and the lead up. He was all over his brief and took so much work and stress of us in the build up.


Honestly it you’re looking for a coordinator, Daragh is the man!! Give him a buzz and you’ll see what I mean after a few minutes on the phone.



Aoife & Kyle —- Cloghan Castle Galway  —-    April 2022

MIKE & SANDRA's Testimonial

Thanks to Daragh, Mike and I had a very special wedding day.  He managed all the preparation, planning, problem solving and communication in his unassuming, easy going, empathetic, yet professional way.  We knew from our first meeting with Daragh that he was passionate about creating the perfect wedding for us.  His delivery was flawless.  We are so happy that we had Daragh as our wedding planner.


Sandra & Mike - Knockranny Westport & Dulock Valley Mayo - June 2022

joe & sadabh Testimonial

Daragh was our Wedding Planner at Inish Beg West Cork in April 2022. 


Our parents could not stop talking about how amazing Daragh was. 


He was on site from early morning and never stopped all day. He got involved in everything, including pouring drinks, he has no airs and graces, and is very much hands on as a Wedding Planner. 


A lot of our guests also commented about Daragh’s involvement on the day which says it all. 


Thanks so much for everything Daragh, you really glued the day together and we loved having you. 


Sadabh & Joe - Inish Beg - West Cork - April 2022.

vivian and chris
chris & vivian's Testimonial

We live in Abu Dabi, Chris is from Australia and i'm originally from Limerick.  Planning a Wedding from abroad a Wedding Planning is essential. Daragh was in regular contact and arranged ongoing zoom consultations. The Wedding had to be rescheduled due to Covid and Daragh showed great flexibility. He did ana mazing job on the day and was very interactive. 



Vivian & Chris - The Dunraven Arms, Adare, Limerick - JULY 2022

Daniel & Eoin's Testimonial

''We went to Daragh late in the game when preparing the wedding ourselves became too stressful with increasing difficulties.


He came and removed the stress, he worked with all the suppliers we had worked with, had people he could work with if there was anything missing, smoothed any difficulties with suppliers, and was a pleasure to work with.


He was able to manage the time pressures, family, venue and all other issues in a way that meant our day went entirely smoothly and is still (to be a cliché) one of the best days of our lives. He made what was becoming a stress into such a pleasure.


He is worth every penny. We should have gone to him earlier. Highly recommended.''

Rob & Lorraine's Testimonial

''We had Daragh as our wedding planner for our wedding on the 15th December 2018. I can honestly say that Daragh was one of the nicest, professional, organised and understanding people we encountered during the process of organising our wedding.


He was diligent from the beginning, realistic and ensured we stuck to our budget. He was always available for phone calls and meetings when needed, which was especially important for us as we were planning our big day from London. He ensured we negotiated the best deal possible with our hotel and even went to extra mile in helping me choose my dress!


Daragh made every effort to ensure we were happy with the progress of events and particularly on the day of the wedding he made sure we did not have to stress about anything. He did a fantastic job making sure everything ran smoothly, including giving us a detailed schedule of the timing of the day itself. He helped us to make important decisions, deciding on things we needed to have and things we did not need to have on the day.


He also did a fantastic job as MC at our reception. We honestly could not recommend him enough!''

Cutout Stars
Daragh & Hannah O'Farrell
Daragh & Hannah's Testimonial

''We organised our wedding in Meath from London and Daragh was a massive help to us. As we hadn't gone down the hotel route for our venue it was great to have him look after the subtleties like PA systems, transport and bar staffing as well as coordinating all our other vendors in the run up to the wedding and on the day.


Daragh had lots of helpful suggestions on how to get our ideas to work. We would have been lost without him, we would definitely recommend''.

Wedding Planning in Ireland by Daragh Doyle
Dougie & Liz's Testimonial

''We had a surprise wedding last weekend. We invited our guests to our engagement party and with Daragh’s help turned it into our dream wedding. It took huge amounts of flexibility and foresight for Daragh to make everything happen when we hoped and that he did in spades.  Thank you so much from an extremely grateful and happy couple''.  Liz & Dougie

Daragh Doyle Wedding Planner in Ireland wedding photo
Daragh Doyle Wedding Planner in Ireland wedding photo
Daragh Doyle Wedding Planner in Ireland wedding photo
Mark & Niamh's Testimonial

''On the 31st of Aug we got married at what was described by our guests as one of the best Weddings they have ever been to. This wouldn't have been possible without the help, guidance and management of Daragh.


To say Daragh went above and beyond is an understatement, every granular aspect of the plan for the day was scrutinised and planned, and of course he was there to ensure everything ran smoothly.


We will never forget our Wedding day, and give our sincerest thanks to Daragh for making sure it was perfect. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone''.

Wedding Planning in Ireland by Daragh Doyle
Daragh Doyle Wedding Planner in Ireland wedding photo
Barry & Niamh's Testimonial

''We planned on having a relaxed outdoors wedding in south county Dublin. Daragh Doyle was superb. He took all the hassles of co-ordinating the day away.


We found Daragh to be highly organised, professional, an excellent communicator and an absolute gent to deal with. In the run up to the wedding his professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to make our day really special took away any fears for how it was all going to run on the day.


We could not have had such a fantastic day without Daragh. We would not hesitate to recommend Daragh. From start to finish and execution on the day he was absolutely brilliant.


Thank you so much Daragh, you promised to leave no stone unturned and you certainly delivered on that promise''.

Wedding Planning in Ireland by Daragh Doyle
Anne & graine's Testimonial

"Daragh planned and conducted our wedding ceremony with exceptional professionalism and commitment, to the very final detail. No stone was left unturned to ensure our very special day went as smoothly as possible.


From start to finish, he personally made us feel so relaxed knowing that everything was under control. We would never have managed the degree of detail that he undertook.


He was like a family member, everyone loved him and felt his strength and energy throughout the whole time.


We cannot thank Daragh and his team enough. x."

Cutout Stars
Trish & Gerard
Trish & Gerard's Testimonial

''Daragh was exceptional as wedding planner, he was very helpful in providing guidance in the months and weeks leading up to our wedding.


He was always very prompt in responding to our queries and very supportive in terms of providing recommendations while at the same time respecting our choices. We thoroughly enjoyed our day'.

Ruth & Jack
Cutout Stars
Jack & Ruth's Testimonial

"Daragh planned our wedding over Easter 2018 and we cannot recommend him highly enough!


We found Daragh to be highly organised, professional, detail oriented, an excellent communicator but above all else an absolute pleasure to deal with.


He worked tirelessly for months in the run up to our wedding and we will be forever grateful for all he did for us.


Daragh said he would leave no stone unturned in planning our wedding and he was true to his word.


All of our guests commented on how amazing they found him to be.


Thank you so much Daragh!"

Cutout Stars
Stephen & sheila's Testimonial

''Daragh helped to organise our wedding in July this year, and thanks to his skills and dedication the day went like a dream.


He was helpful and obliging right from day one, a pleasure to deal with, and had some great tips and advice for us.


On the day he worked tirelessly to make sure everyone was well looked after from start to finish.


He's a true professional and we would highly recommend him to anyone planning a wedding.''



''I'll be honoured to be your Wedding Planner and help deliver you the greatest day of your lives, with love, enthusiasm, empathy and excitement.


Let's make the magic happen''.


''Together, we will create the wedding day you always dreamed of.......''

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