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Wedding Planning Journey by Daragh Doyle
The Wedding Planning Journey

The Wedding Planning Journey is something most of us will take at least once in our lives and whilst for many, it is a long, complex period trying to co-ordinate and remember everything (together with managing the odd unforeseen pot hole in the road!), it doesn't have to be stressful or even expensive.

What i've done below, is put together a series of short videos, which cover each of the main stages involved, when I'm planning a wedding for clients - I hope this will help you visualise and understand what's involved and thus, if you need help, please just get in touch and we can talk things through with no pressure from me whatsoever.

I planned the wedding of Ann & Grainne in Murcia, Spain in the summer of 2018.


In the videos below I explain the Wedding Planning Journey in each stage, culminating in highlights of their Big Day and the couples verdict of my Wedding Planning service:

Wedding Planning Introduction
Ireland Wedding Planner
Ireland Wedding Planner
venue sourcing
Ireland Wedding Planner
planning meeting at the venue
Ireland Wedding Planner
Speech Mentoring
Ireland Wedding Planner
Wedding Eve
Ireland Wedding Planner
Bringing it all together on the day
Ireland Wedding Planner
the couple's verdict

See what my clients say about my Wedding Planning service!


''I'll be honoured to be your Wedding Planner and help deliver you the greatest day of your lives, with love, enthusiasm, empathy and excitement.


Let's make the magic happen''.


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