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What makes a good wedding planner?

The quick answer to this question, is clearly 'somebody who helps make your Special Day run perfectly'.

However, as an extremely experienced wedding planner, I always aim to deliver more than just 'good'.

For every couple I work with, I want to show them that they are with 'one of the best wedding planners in Ireland'.

Perhaps if you have time, you could check out some of my Testimonials from couples I've worked with and planned weddings for, for the evidence that I truly do deliver one of the very best wedding planner services in Ireland.

So why do my customers consider me one of the best wedding planners here on the Emerald Isle?

1. I Saved them Big Money on Venues and Suppliers

If you think about it in simple terms, I plan many weddings each and every month in Ireland and work within lots of different types of venues, depending on what my Couple are looking for, for their wedding. So in most cases I am a repeat customer (not the Couple!) and as such I am able to negotiate prices right down for them. It's the same for DJs, Caterers, Chefs etc etc.

2. I am Laser Focussed on their Wedding Vision and Will Keep Everything on Track no matter what

In addition to helping my Couples to budget carefully and sort out details like legal contracts, I make myself the glue that binds everything together and the person who will fight for your wedding vision from start to finish. While many suppliers and even venues may be delivering at more than one wedding per day or per weekend, I remain fully focused only on YOUR special day and will push to make sure everything goes according to your unique plan.

3. I Made Sure That Things Remained Completely Stress-Free for Them

With so many pieces of jigsaw to consider, plan and do both before and on the Big Day, I hear stories all the time about just how stressful the whole experience has been for the couple in question. That's not right! Wedding Planning is what I do and also what I happen to be very good at, so let me take each and every scrap of stress or concern away - your Wedding Day will be perfect, trust me!

4. I provide extra assurances by being present on your Big Day (albeit in the background!)

As a default, I make sure i'm there on the Big Day. I might be blended into the background - but i'm there alright! I'm co-ordinating the Wedding Plan right through the Big Day, making sure the Venue, Suppliers and even the guests (if you need me to!) are in place (including the Ceremony-To-Reception part!) and know exactly what needs to happen and when - YOUR job is to take the magic in and most importantly enjoy every second of it!

5. I go the extra mile

Some things in life are not simply black and white. Weddings are an example of that. Whether it is sourcing your dream venue, organising a one-in-a-lifetime wedding photograph, picking guests up from the airport or training nervous guests how to write and deliver speeches, it's all part of the service as far as i'm concerned.

If you choose me, Daragh Doyle, the Ireland Wedding Planner, I will bend over backwards to make sure plans, dreams and your Perfect Day are all delivered exactly as you dreamed, and done so, at a fantastically competitive price too.

"I'd love to hear from you and am more than happy to have a friendly, no-obligation consultation call as well, so that you can quickly understand what I can do for you and what the associated cost would be".

Daragh Doyle

My website is and you can easily contact me by clicking HERE



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