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The full list of rules and things to remember to do, when getting married in Ireland.

After a very difficult 18 months, thankfully, like many other countries, the beautiful island of Ireland is slowly getting back to some sort of normality.

And what is beautiful to see, is that a huge amount of loving couples who live in Ireland or even live abroad, in places like the USA or the UK, with strong connections to our country, are more determined than ever, right now, to get there wedding plans in full swing and get married as soon as possible, on the Emerald Isle.

And, finally, we are ready to welcome them and make sure the lucky couple have the best day of their lives!

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of planning weddings for many Irish couples, couples from Europe and also lots from the USA too.

But what I am most proud of, are my customer testimonials. Not one of my couples, who's weddings i've planned have an obligation to provide a testimonial but almost every couple has.

''I am grateful to each every one of them to have taken the time to provide their feedback and in turn, if you are considering a wedding planner for your wedding, i would be so grateful if you would check out what they said. My team and I will deliver the same for you, that's my promise''.

If you are considering getting married in Ireland, you also need to understand some of the rules and customs you will need to plan for,,,,i've got your back.

Read on and follow the link below, to make sure you don't miss anything!

If you want to get married in the Republic of Ireland, contact your local civil registration service by phone or email. You need to give them at least 3 months' notice that you intend to marry.

This is the law in Ireland and it applies to all civil, religious and secular marriages.

You cannot get married until after the 3 month notice period. Your marriage date can be in any month or year after the 3 months.

For the full list of quirky laws and rules to be aware of in Ireland, please simply click the Irish Government 'Our Health Service' website below:

Me with one of my beautiful married couples x

I would love to talk through my services and how I would go about planning your perfect wedding day. For a no pressure, no obligation chat, please simply drop me an email and i'll quickly be in touch to arrange a call together.

I wish you both all the luck in the world,



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